July 2
June 2012 Fishing Report | June 1st - June 6th

The fishing on the east side of the inlet has been stellar during this week with limits of sockeye salmon and solid trout fishing. The flyouts with spectacular scenery and awesome fishing is always a big hit with the guests. "It's like flying into a postcard" is often heard when describing the experience. To compliment the experience the guides prepare a shore lunch of fresh salmon on the barbie and an eye out for any hungry brown bears.

July 9

June 20212 Fishing Reports

Land on floats in Pristine lake and get picked up by a real local and driven to the river in style. Fish were found above and below the bridge all on fly rods which makes for some hot fish in small streams.

July 16
July 2012 Fishing Reports

Sockeye or locally called reds is the favorite among the Japanese and Americans alike. Strong fighters and good jumpers these fish are great to catch. It requires a certain technique ,but it certainly can fill box in a hurry.

July 23
July 2012 Fishing Reports

Great week with lots of reds.

July 31
July 2012 Fishing Reports