June 1
June 2012 Fishing Report | June 1st - June 6th

Kenai water is still too cold for the schooling kings to enter, but the front end of the tides is showing some nice indie fish. Hot shots and mag warts back trolled with out divers is the most productive.

The sockeye salmon are just starting to appear on the east side of Cooks Inlet and the brown bears are starting to wake up after winter hibernation and getting some fish to eat. The moose are dropping their calves all with in a weeks time which makes for great photo pops as well as lunch for the bears if the moose aren't careful.

June 7
June 20212 Fishing Reports

The best catches this week were in the saltwater with some big flat fish to tip the Toledos. One of the amazing things about Halibut is that some of these big females are 40 plus years old and the real old ones can be 75. These fish have a firm white meat that can be cooked just about anyway and still taste fantastic. A favorite at the lodge is to bake in parchment or "poormans lobster."

Kasilof is king fishing good and the steelhead are remaining in the system at lower parts.

June 14
June 2012 Fishing Reports

Trout opener went off big with plenty of large trout getting caught. The mature rainbows are just coming off their spawn areas and showing off their silver and leopard colors. The fish are aggressive and still in a protective mode. The guides opt for articulating leach patterns on a swing drift to get the bows agitated and ready to bite.

TRL strictly abides by the catch and release of all trouts to ensure a healthy fish population.

June 24
June 2012 Fishing Reports

Great Halibut season!