May 8
May 2012 Fishing Report

Busman's holiday for TRL guides with a good catch of steelhead on 7 wt rods on the Kasilof this week. The water is low and clear in the spring and long leaders on 10mm beads is konk time. A few Kings have been caught in the Kenai.

May 16
May 2012 Fishing Report SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!

With the longer days creeping in, the rivers have remained in great shape and the animals are getting ready for a long summer. Spring can produce some 22 hours of daylight and one can almost watch things grow. It is a truly amazing AK phenom.

Moose, caribou, snowshoes, black bear and lots of migrating birds have been viewed by our guests this week. The jacks are just starting to enter the Kasilof with hens soon to follow. These 2 year salt fish weigh up to 20 pounds are scrappy fighters and perfect for the barbie.

May 23
May 2012 Fishing Report

Salt water was the ticket this week. The rivers are still bit to cold to get the salmon to enter, so the bite was off "waterfall" near Anchor Point and cut plug is just what the salmon wanted. Some nice catches of Kings along with halibut and rock fish.